28 April 2008

Can I Use a Serving Spoon?

Julie Andrews in Walt Disney's Mary Poppins

There's a creative think-tank happening over at SoulPerBlog.

Come toss in your spoonful of sugar.

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22 April 2008


Hi, I'm Ellie
and I want to tell you about
my co-op adventures.

First of all...WE HAD A HULA PARTY!
we did the hula and we ate Hawaiian
food. and then...

and do you know who we tossed
her name is Holly
it is from the Eskimo tribe
so they can spot food to hunt
and we did Navajo
and sand painted
look at Rebekah's!

This is mine. I had fun telling
you about my co-op
by for now.

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17 April 2008

The Three Sisters

My name is Rebekah. My Co-op is
doing a study on Native Americans.
We are going to plant the Three Sisters.
I have three sisters too!
Each of the Three Sisters help each
other in a way.
This is my Co-op.

This is me.
I'm holding this bamboo stick
for my mom.

My sister Ellie( the second sister.), is
helping her plants grow,
by putting in rotting fish. GROSS!!!!
Well...This Top picture shows the
Second Sister, BEANS!!!
The First Sister is corn.
But I don't have a picture of that.

This is squash.
My last sister's name is Anna.
I am kind of like the corn.
I am the oldest sister(the First Sister!).
Next, we made feather potatoes.
They will keep away the birds,
and other animals.
But, my mom heard a RACCOON!!!
Thank goodness it did not eat the fish!!

Well, this how the Three Sisters help each
other: The corn helps the beans climb,
the squash has HUGE leaves.
They help to kill all the weeds.
I don't know how the beans help.


15 April 2008

Clothesline Controversy

As spring pushes forth its greens and yellows, I'm usually found basking in the sunlight on my front porch, dreaming and scheming for this year's gardening thrust.

Though it's not a gardening thrust. per se, I've really been wanting to get a clothesline for our home.
I just had no idea they were so controversial.

While doing my research into which clothesline might be best for our yard, I encountered several interesting conversations.
Mary, my next door neighbor, cautioned me to make sure I had our clothesline out of view of the road. Apparently our community association dictates that clotheslines cannot be hung within view from the road.
I did not know we HAD a community association. No one handed me a booklet of by-laws when we moved in. No one has knocked on my door to collect dues. This phantom community association is concerned about clothesline viewage, but leaves our neighborhood sign to decay into rot and ruin... huh.
I did a little on-line shopping and discovered that there are a plethora of designs and styles for clotheslines. The standard T-shape, which strings line between two stationary cross-shaped poles. The Umbrella style clothesline, which uses a single central pole from which all the supports can by "opened up and out", just like you would with your umbrella. There's the retractable pulley system, which attaches to one wall, then to a pole out in the yard, and you can pulley your clothes in toward you and never have to leave your bathroom window (or something like that.)
There's the Versaline Disappearing clothesline, which simply folds flat to your wall when you're done. So good to have when you live in a 6th floor flat in Amsterdam and don't even own an electric clothes dryer.
I finally decided on a Roman shade design. Hubby and I mounted the retractable end onto our back shed, then sunk a sleeve for the connector pole out in the grass. When I'm ready to hang out clothing, I just plop the connector pole in the sleeve, grab the handle of the Roman shade clothesline and walk it out to the connector pole to hook it in.
When the clothes are dry, the entire thing disassembles and you'd never even know we had a clothesline. I hope the phantom community association approves.

Here's something else I read about clotheslines- to many people they represent poverty. Welfare, dirty, slums, ghetto. Dirt poor. There's a movie producer I read about who even says that she purposely adds clotheslines to her movies that have a theme of poverty. That's the first thing on her to-do list for those movies. String up a clothesline.

Clotheslines = All that is bad in the world.

To many other people, clotheslines are cozy, homey, fresh. Good. Earth-friendly. They represent good stewardship. They harness the free gifts of God through nature- wind, air and sunshine. I found a man who runs an I Love Clotheslines Fan Site.

Clotheslines = All that is good in the world.

So... I don't know if I should tell you this.
I got a clothesline.

But keep it under your hat, ok?

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13 April 2008

Announcement: Cappuccino with Colossians

Registration is now open for the next SoulPerSuit group going through Sandra Glahn's book, Cappuccino with Colossians

If you're interested in joining this study art group, here are some things you need to know:

- Contrary to what I wrote here before, we are NOT hosting the group on ShoutLife. Sorry to misinform you, but after examining the technical details, we decided to go back to the mostly-trustworthy but at least very-familiar Yahoo group. So, if you 'd like to join the discussion, click the purple button on the right.

- This SoulPerSuit group is limited to 10 participants, so if you'd like to join the discussion, click the purple button on the right.

-Our group discussion will begin on April 13 and run for 9 weeks. Get yourself a copy of Cappuccino with Colossians, break out your deck of playing cards, the scissors and glue sticks, and click the purple button on the right.

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03 April 2008

Free Stuff at SoulPerBlog

Over the next couple of weeks, the women of SoulPerSuit are giving away free stuff. Multiple times. Repeatedly. Again and again.

It's our way of celebrating the fun community we have via the Word, the cyberworld, and our creative brains. It's our way of kicking off the next SoulPerSuit group.

Sandi just posted the first giveaway tonight, a free copy of Cappuccino with Colossians.
Click over to SoulPerBlog to enter. And keep checking back because there's more free stuff to come!
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