26 July 2006

Beware, The Holy Sprit

:The Mystery:
We pulled in the driveway one day to this message scrawled before us:

Beware Ellie, Rebekah

go into the bushes


THE Holy Sprit

These are said bushes.

So, what would YOU do?

I'll tell you what my kids did. They freaked out. For 3 solid days they contemplated this message from the Holy Sprit. "Did The Holy Spirit really write that, Mom?" "Why did he say 'Beware'? What's wrong in the bushes?" "He said to beware but then He told us to go into them. " "Mom, why don't you crawl in there for us and make sure it's safe?" They wouldn't go near those bushes! (Which had previously been a wondrous green land of hideout joy to them.)


1) My eldest daughter needs to quit reading so many Nancy Drew books. "Beware" is a term of keen import to Rebekah this summer. Things always heat up for Nancy when she encounters that word.

2) Apparently God still speaks in signs and wonders. And sidewalk chalk.

3) The Holy Sprit could do with a little spell checking. Unless he really IS the Holy Sprit and not the Holy Spirit. Then I think we're ok.

4) If you want to get someone's attention and invite them to join the fun, "Beware" is probably a poor choice of words.

:The rest of the story:

After I continually denied my children's request to crawl in the forsythia to make sure the coast was clear, they got up enough nerve between the 2 of them to check things out. Lo and behold, they found a lovely picnic area set up for them by the neighbor girl- complete with an old blanket for a rug, 2 lawn chairs to sit on and a basketful of books to read in their little retreat. That Holy Sprit sure is kind!

We're hitting the beach next week so I won't be around, but I'll leave you with this beautiful example of sisterhood.

24 July 2006

Blogging Ditty

When your brain is in a fog,
Organize your thoughts by Blog.

If your throat has a slight frog,
Find your voice in your own Blog.

When the kids get a new dog,
Share the pictures on your Blog.

Politics leave you aghast and agog?
Read opinions on news Blogs.

If the ozone's bad with smog,
Stay inside. Surf worlds of Blog.

Need advice to slog your bog?
Someone hosts a Bog Slogging Blog.

A blue-ribbon win for your prize hog?
Tell the world your news by Blog!

Need a recipe for holiday nog?
Find it on the cookbook Blog!

You know you love those funny clogs,
Which have been enshrined on this here blog.

So you collect old rusty cogs?
Yep, I found one. Here's the Blog.

In all the world there is no thing
Better than trees, from bark to ring.
So keep that paper in it's binder
And heed this delicate reminder-

Conserve the trees! Stop the logging!
Keep our froggies pollywogging!
Let the man and dog go jogging!
Paper pollution just makes smogging,
Really, we should all be...

(And now, if it's not obvious, I need a vacation. Outer Banks, here I come!)