17 August 2009

SoulPerSuit is Beginning a New Study

SoulPerSuit is starting up a new fall study group and you're invited!

September 7, 2009 kicks off Kona with Jonah

We're excited because we'll be going through Sandra Glahn's new Coffee Cup Study "Kona with Jonah". It's available for free shipping when you purchase $25 so now's the time to bundle your order with the new "Frappé with Philippians" and another Coffee Cup you've been wanting.

*Amazon.com has been a little slow on releasing and shipping this book, so if we have to push back the date because no one has their book yet, I'll be sure to let you know. As long as you'll be sure to let me know you want to join our study. ;) *

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06 August 2009

80 F on 8/6

It's 80 degrees on August 6th.
80 degrees on August 6th.

And I let the dark chocolate slowly melt
in my mouth

that is hotter than the air
While drowsing in my lawn chair.

Bare feet. Cool grass.
Early morning. Late night.

No four walls for me
'cause it's
80 F on 8/6