28 November 2007

Field Trip: Kaua'i

But gee, I just don't know if I could live there.


05 November 2007

The Artist Formerly Known

Our family spent our sabbath at the National Gallery of Art yesterday, visiting the Edward Hopper exhibit and creating our own "Hopper-esque" masterpieces. Everyone knows that artists go through formative stages.
Growth spurts and fallow periods.
Growing pains and adrenaline rushes.
Bloggers are surely no different. We all go through a metamorphosis of sorts. LL tagged me to share mine, so I'm coming out of my fallow period to take a look at my blogging career.

The Artist's Formative Post:
She examines her identity, what her place might be in the blogging ranks, and why she occupies space in the blogosphere. (Anonymous, you might find this an enlightening paper lantern.)
This work is titled, Grasping at a Straw of Creativity

The Artist Begins to Feel the Pressure of Public Audience:
She feels she has nothing to say, yet feels she has to say something since everyone is looking at her, so she does it... she says something. She probably should have just kept quiet.
This work is titled, Today I Sharpened 48 Colored Pencils

The Artist Examines Spritual Questions of Great-ish Proportions:
Deep-ish thoughts are all around us.
This work is titled, Beware, The Holy Sprit

The Artist Pretends to Be Someone She is Not (for the sake of education, of course). One work in a series examining the meaning and extent of home education. The artist pushes the envelope of conventional “grown up-ness.”
This work is titled, We’re Vikings

The Artist Examines Spiritual Questions of Greater Proportion:
Truly, this is not an easy life to live. She feels the growing pains of a planet and a people who yearn for wholeness, yet find it elusive, this side of heaven.
This work is titled, Love in a Hurricane

I hope my fallow period will not last too long. I miss talking with you all. I'm like the Artist Formerly Known.
Just plain
Formerly. Known.