03 April 2008

Free Stuff at SoulPerBlog

Over the next couple of weeks, the women of SoulPerSuit are giving away free stuff. Multiple times. Repeatedly. Again and again.

It's our way of celebrating the fun community we have via the Word, the cyberworld, and our creative brains. It's our way of kicking off the next SoulPerSuit group.

Sandi just posted the first giveaway tonight, a free copy of Cappuccino with Colossians.
Click over to SoulPerBlog to enter. And keep checking back because there's more free stuff to come!
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Blogger Roberta said...

Okay...I am totally laughing because when I click your link to Soulperblog it takes me to Farmer Boy at Amazon. Is that the prize? ;)

1:55 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

Hey that IS funny!
No, not what I meant to do, Roberta, but you know, now that I think about it...

Naw, I'll go and change the link. thanks for telling me. I was oblivious.

1:57 PM  

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