19 September 2008

What Begins With This Sound?

This is the first year I am requiring my 4 year old to stick to a schoolwork plan. It's typically 15 minutes of coloring, working a puzzle, counting and sorting, making a craft, or playing a game or reading with her sisters. Nothing major, but enough to get her into the habit of concertedly putting on her learning hat every day.

Today, we are working in a beginning sounds workbook. She's on the letter L.

Say the name of each picture. Color the things that begin with the same sound as "lamp."

Anna: (Drawing of a lamp) "Wamp. W-w-w-w. Wamp."
(Picture of leaves) "Yeaves. Y-y-y-y. Yeaves."
(A kite) "Kite. K-k-k-k. Kite."
(A line drawing of a ladder) "Yadd-uh. Y-y-y-y. Yadd-uh."
(Handsome, smiling lion) "Yion. Y-y-y-y. Yion."

"Mamma, NONE of dese wuhds sound yike "Wamp!"

There's no accounting for a cutie girl's lisp.

lion coloring book pages



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She sounds like fun to be around!!

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