27 November 2008

Wisdom Reads Books- Lots of 'Em!

Have you heard of this subscription service, Solomon Summaries?

I'm a homeschool mom. I have a full-time job educating my children. I'm also a "regular" mom. Which means I have a full-time job keeping up with laundry, lunches, new shoes, dance recitals, and tooth brushing. Full-time job, times two.

Free time for me to read is next-to-nothing.
Free time for me to select quality books to read on topics I'm interested in is next to next-to-nothing. It just doesn't exist in my universe these days.

Then along comes Solomon Summaries and offers me an opportunity to read a summary of the many books I've thought, "Someday when my kids are brushing their own teeth, I'd like to see what that book is like. And that one. And that one too. Oooooh, THAT one sounds good, add it to the list!" (Can you see I have a problem on my hands? I like to read a lot of books but I have pesky Teske teeth to brush.)
Now I can read the 8-10 page summary and decide if a particular title can stay on my post-tooth-brushing-era list, or if it's mandatory that I drop all toothbrushes and get that book on my bedside table ASAP.

A couple of books I'm keen to read are, The Sacred Echo and The Organic God, both by Margaret Feinberg.
Fancy that, Solomon Summaries has written about both of them! (Did you know I was going to say that?)

Solomon Summaries christian book summaries

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Anonymous heather said...

Thanks for letting others know about us! I have to tell you, I just finished Choose the Life by Bill Hull and am currently reading The Blue Parakeet by Scot McKnight (both for Solomon Summaries), and I think both should go on your drop-the-toothbrushes list.
But that's just my opinion.

12:30 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

Dropping toothbrushes and logging in to Amazon.com right now.

Santa, read my wish-list, ok?

Over and out.

12:45 PM  

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