24 November 2008

Tales from the Backseat

Today, my middle daughter and I spied a half-finished office building beside the highway. It had no walls on any of it's three floors so we could see right through to the trees on the other side. Bright and naked light bulbs shimmered in the evening sleet.
Middle daughter asked why they still had all the lights on when no one was there working and I explained the need for security at work sites. Building materials left out in the open are very tempting to someone constructing a building of their own so the company probably leaves the lights shining so people like us can drive by and see if someone is swiping a bunch of 2 X 4s. It deters theft to leave the lights on. Light dispels darkness and dark deeds.

Imagination engaged, she then wove me a detailed scenario of how she would go about stealing the building supplies. She'd knock out all the lights (and any security cameras they might have installed), sneak tools and supplies down a secret hatch, then once she'd taken enough she'd rappel out of an enclosed room using rope she found on the site... I'd have thought she taken notes on the movie, Oceans 11, the way she was describing it.

Dismayed at my daughter's future life of crime, I tried a sideways approach to dissuade her- "Wow, Honey, it sounds to me like you have it all planned out. I 'm beginning to think you've been planning to heist some building supplies for a long time."

Her response: "Naw. I don't build."



Anonymous heather said...

That's hilarious!
Guarding my pencils and turning on lights.

9:22 AM  
Blogger Kelli said...

Very funny! She really thinks her crimes that she is not going to commit through.

9:09 AM  

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