15 October 2008

The Kitchen Reform Party

So today's homeschool activity is an impromptu election. We held a candy election yesterday in our co-op, and the girls had such a fun time voting that they wanted to do it again. Happy to oblige them, I said to discuss what they wanted to vote on, to gather the candidates, make some ballots, set up the voting center, and we'd have an election when Daddy got home.

I thought maybe we would be voting for our favorite stuffed animal.
Or which dress looked the cutest on the Felicity doll.
Maybe what to have for dessert tonight.

C'mon Mom. Really.
Those are such small potatoes.

I have just duly been informed that we are setting up a household government. The middle two daughters are running for Household Congress. The youngest is running against her dad for the position of Supreme Judge. I am apparently on the ballot for the office of President of the Family. Running against my husband.
After dinner we will stump for our parties. We will debate the issues with our opponents. Then we will cast our free and democratic votes. I wonder who will win? Such an important election, you know.

One daughter asked me what political party I'm with.
Um, well, uh... since I didn't know I was running for office until 20 minutes ago... um... let me think... how about... The Kitchen Reform Party.

Dinner's in an hour. I better think up my campaign strategy. Any killer ideas?




Blogger Sarah said...

That's so dear! What fun! Here's hoping you win ;)

4:30 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Damoff said...

I love this! You're awesome.

5:09 PM  

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