08 May 2008

grandMother's Day

Justin Roberts has a sensitive, lovely, heart-warming song on his latest CD, Pop Fly, that we're just loving at our home, especially with Mother's Day coming up.
And who doesn't love a mother?

My daughter tells me I hardly ever make things from scratch. She is going to tell her own children about the way her grandmothers all cooked from scratch. (Then she is going to tell them that her own mother was remiss in the scratch-cooking department.)

This song is dedicated to our three lovely grandmothers. Grandma Pat, Grandma Dollie and Grambee.
It's called, From Scratch.

Image:Freedom From Want.jpg

She takes a little makes a lot
Be careful sis it’s kinda hot
Is there more inside that pot
I’m hoping so and thinking not
She gave us much more than we thought
From scratch

We love you, Grandmas.
You gave us much more than we thought.
From scratch.

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Blogger gramarty said...

Thank you, my Sweeties!

Justin Robert's song makes me think of my grandmothers ('Mamaw' & 'Mammy' to me) as well as my own sweet mother, all of whom were the 'from scratch' kind. Truth be told, you have a rather 'scratchy' legacy and I'm glad JR decided to sing about it.

I love you!

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Gran'ma Dollie said...

Rebekah, Ellie & Anna K,

What a wonderful song! Loved it. Reminded me of a couple Thanksgivings ago when you Girls and I made sugar cookies, what fun. This is the best ever@@ "Gran'ma's Day Card. Thanks sooooo much!! Justin musta had great memories of his Grandma. You made my weekend. Love you so much Gran'ma Dollie

9:32 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

Love ya too, Grand'ma Dollie!

When can I see you again?

I really miss you.

- Rebekah

3:19 PM  
Blogger Christianne said...

hey you, pretty girl. i tagged you with a fun meme today. i hope you'll participate because i'd love to learn some new fun facts about you! :)

7:46 PM  

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