15 July 2007

News Flash (es)

This just in folks,
Rhonda's giving away a copy of the 3.1.6. Journal over on SoulPerBlog. Git yer hiney over there and join the ranks of name-tossers-in-the-hatters. You've got until Monday evening!!

This also coming across the news desk,
My youngest sister's wedding was a lovely affair.
We all had our underwear present and accounted for.
Mommy didn't forget to pack one. single. solitary. thing.
You may now throw ME a ticker tape parade!! :) (This is quite an accomplishment, for those of you who don't know.)

From our garden correspondent,
There are approximately 60 tomatoes plumping up in my garden. The grapevines are growing madly, although the Japanese beetles seem to be keeping pace, grrrr! Morning glories greet me every morning, and the cosmos and zinnias are popping open their blooms. My cucumber, squash, zucchini and watermelon plants are r e a c h i n g hither and yon to wrap their tendrils around anything and everything that will offer them support. "Spilling over" is the phrase that comes to mind as I look at them all over the place.
My, my, it's a beautiful green out there!

Back to you at the news desk.

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Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

Love that description of the garden. And here? Envy. Green tomato envy.

3:39 PM  

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