24 May 2007

No Man's Land

I'm sitting here in Panera, with my kids climbing the walls and spreading baguette crumbs hither and yon.

There is no Internet access in my home these days.
There are no functional PCs either.
The hubby is on a business trip.
There are two giant family weddings coming up.
There are all the exciting activities and social events that go along with a family wedding.
Times TWO.
There's a child with a sprained ankle in my house.
Same little one that recently broke her arm.
There are family best friends coming for a visit.
There is an impending trip to the West coast to prepare for.
There are several things I'm forgetting to mention here.

I'm a melancholy personality. I can't handle a full plate for too long. The plate is going to be very full for a very long time. Bear with me.

I'm in blogging No Man's Land.


Blogger Heather said...

All I can say is, "good luck." I'm like you. I don't like a lot of activity. I used to. Loved it at one time. Load me up, baby, used to be my motto. But now I've seen the beauty of simplicity and rest, and I ain't turnin' back.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Erica said...

this could explain why i haven't seen you online in quite some time! will be praying for your sanity! love ya!

4:19 PM  
Blogger Christianne said...

Oh my goodness, I so didn't know you had written these two posts down here! I kept checking your blog, would see the 3-1-6 post, and then click away, sad that I didn't get an Erin fill-me-upper for the day.

All that to scroll down further (I had a nagging suspicion today at work that the post at the top was probably a perma-post) and learn what a very tough time you are having. I read every single item on that list, starting with the kids climbing the walls at Panera to the melancholia you're prone to abide (me too!) and just ached inside . . . ached.

I wish you were closer to where I live, or vice versa, so I could wrap you up in a hug and give you permission to just sit there without having to do one thing for a few moments of extended time. I would do it. I wish I COULD do it. Instead, I'll send my care and friendship.

7:51 PM  
Blogger Roberta said...

There is an impending trip to the West coast to prepare for
Where west? I know the coast runs through 3 states, but would that be Oregon? in August maybe?

12:01 PM  

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