26 April 2007

Turning Melody into Harmony

I spent the first weekend of the month in North Carolina visiting with these ladies. Meet two of my good buds, Rhonda (center) and Sandi (right).

A more unlikely threesome, you may never find. Which always makes us smile, shake our heads and give each other a hug when we think about it. These unlikeliest of friendships often give the most joy because you're simply in awe of how God orchestrates things.

Rhonda holds 2 degrees in 2 very technical and challenging fields. She is a professional. She is organized. She is on time. She is prepared. She has a plan. She's done her research. She runs the show.
The. Girl. Gets. Things. Done.

I'm a little more, shall we say, flighty.
On first glance, ten years ago, I would never have put the two of us together.

Sandi holds post-graduate degrees and several book titles with her name under them. She is a ministry leader and public speaker and a visionary. Sandi is a literary thinker. She can run with the big dogs of philosophy and culture.

The. Girl. Knows. How. To. Think.

I'm a little more, shall we say, simple.
On first glance, eight years ago, I would never have put the two of us together.

Now, I look at this photo taken 4 weeks ago, smile, and shake my head. This 2X3 inch photo represents Christ's ability to take three melodies from three very different lives and blend them together into a charming three-part harmony. The very things about these two women that once made me think, "It's just not possible," "Never in a million years," and sometimes even, "Run for the hills!" are the very things that make our friendship work so well.

Low, middle and high notes swirl around the three of us when we're together. These two add organization, motivation, creativity, insight, sensitivity, critical thinking, and compassion to areas where I simply do not possess it.

I have always enjoyed listening to a well-toned harmony. A well-toned, supernatural harmony is icing on the cake.

animated music notes

P.S. These are the faces of SoulPerSuit.

P.P.S. Sandi almost missed her flight for this get-together weekend. My car broke down on the way there. Rhonda nearly had a collision on the way to pick Sandi up at the airport. Leatherwing said that since we'd all defied death to be together that weekend, that something of COSMIC significance was going to happen while we were together. He just knew it.

Well, something of cosmic significance did happen that weekend.

This is the first picture we've taken of all three of us together.

(And my computer wouldn't give it up either! We almost had one less computer in this house.)


Blogger San said...

Ohmygosh, you are too funny! Okay, let me take a stab...

The Midas-girl of art, Erin merely looks at something and it beautificates (my word) into something creative. Studying Africa? Let's have some dancing and clothes to match. (My education never included that!) Studying cathedrals? Let's morph a refrig box into a house of worship suitable for a bishop! That. Girl. Can. Do. Creativity. That she would want to hang out with somebody whose best drawing of a human comes complete with sticks for arms and legs...it is, indeed, a marvel!

8:24 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

Isn't our friendship a great reminder of the myriad parts and pieces God incorporates into His Body? What comes to me as an off-the-cuff improv might seem light years away from your mind. And yet, I could never even conceive of approaching the world in the way you do. It simply never occurs to me.

Now, instead of looking at each other and thinking, "Never in a million years," we can gleefully clap our hands like children and squeal, "Yay! For ALL eternity!"

I rather like that idea.

BTW, I thought of many other friends as I wrote this post. I just don't happen to have a picture of us together. :)

8:52 PM  
Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

I like the metaphor of song. You are not so different that you can't move towards some kind of pleasure in experience (and product...SoulPerSuit), but you each have your own lines.

Oh, and on another note, it was so nice to have you over at Seedlings again. I've missed your voice.

10:17 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

I love when God does stuff like this. I've had friends that I thought I would never be able to stand, forget becoming a soul-bearer to them. And then comes a great jazz piece.

10:24 AM  
Blogger rhon said...

Erin is a people person and hostess. In her eyes, the more the merrier and everybody loves coming to her house because it's so much fun! Her enthusiasm rallies our troups. If it weren't for her, SPS wouldn't be reaching the folks it does. She's convinced me that everybody wants to SPS.

Erin, my signature has changed a little but you still have me pegged (Achiever + Focused + Disciplined). This is the result of a StrengthFinder test our small group has taken to find our strengths. I'll post on it sometime. It's really helping John and I in our marriage, too.

2:00 PM  

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