29 May 2007

Back to the Blogging Board

I'm slowly but surely coming back to the blog. Notice the MP3 player is back up on my blog. notice, however, that it is not playing anything. :( Despite uploading a song to it, oh, four or five times in a row this weekend. Double :( . Some things are just not worth the effort. I'm trying to decide if this very cool (in concept) MP3 player falls into that category.

You'll find today's post from me over at SoulPerBlog. It's about one of my favorite books to flip through when I want some creative infusion.

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Blogger Erica said...

i see you are having more technical problems with the mp3 player...i've also gotten tired of seeing that happen too. how do you like the autosave of blogger? i wasn't too happy with it...can you believe i told jeni that i'm getting tired of all this tech stuff!?!? anyway....I miss my Brownie!!! where is she?

4:14 PM  

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