17 July 2007

I'm Giving Away Free Stuff

Over at SoulPerBlog, we're kicking off our next session (going through the book of Esther) with a few celebratory giveaways.
This week it's my turn. Get thee hence and throw in your lot to see if you might win a little something.

If you're interested in joining this round of SoulPerSuit but have been putting off joining the group, wait no longer. Registration is shutting down on JULY 19th. While you're entering my giveaway, visit the purple Yahoo! button (in the sidebar of SoulPerBlog) and click yourself into our summer study group. I'll be looking for you.

One thing I find very intriguing about the Book of Esther is that God is not mentioned in it one, single, solitary time. Not once. If that is not pregnant with meaning... well, I don't know what is. And if the glaring omission of a certain Someone's Name (above all names) is not fodder for some serious creative exploration... well, I don't know what is. Welcome to SoulPerSuit.

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Anonymous Robin said...


Hmmm, is this what you were wanting to email me about? I'll check it out tomorrow.

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

Uh, oh...go back to my blog. I'm princess-fying people and I can't seem to stop :/ :).

9:14 PM  

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