21 April 2009

Obedience- Kings and Queens II- Running the Gauntlet

Hi! It's me again! (Ellie is my name if you forgot.)
We had a unit on kings & queens.
We studied knights, and the way they obeyed their rulers, so we had a gauntlet for knight training.

This is the DEADLY WEBKINZ dodging arena. Sir M. is taking the test.

This is the GLOOP PIT, where daring men jump. Sir S. takes a triumphant jump over it!

Now, we move on to the LAVA PIT with rocks. Sir B. leaps from rock-to-rock & makes it!

The JUMP WALL & I, Sir Ellie, am clearing a jump.

Back to the LAVA PIT where Sir A. is working on it.

Ah, the DEADLY WEBKINZ, where Sir S. is.

And lastly Sir R. in the TUNNEL OF DEATH!

Well, our tour is done. good-bye!



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