15 April 2009

Field Trip- Seneca Schoolhouse Museum

Hello! This is Rebekah. I want to tell you all about a field trip I went on.
My sister and I went to a place called Seneca Schoolhouse. We pretended we were
children from 1880. We had different names than what we were usually called.
Such as, I was called Mary, my sister, Elizabeth, better known as Ellie,
was called Ella. We had biographies to. My father
was supposed to own the livery stable, Ella's father was supposed to
be a stone cutter.
So, come on!
I'll show you what it was like in a one room schoolhouse!

This is the school yard.

This is Mary.

This is the whole class.

This is Ella.
She is very sweet, but has a fiery temper.

This is Miss Darby.

During the school hours, we did math, reading,
and a spelling bee! I was 5th from the last one out.
The girl next to me, Blanche or, Hannah, won the
spelling bee! She chose a soapstone pencil as
her prize. But, she got a bonus prize:

This right here is reading time.

Oh! I want to tell you about punishment
back then. One of the things that you could
get punished for is being left-handed.
Boys got it much worse than girls, though.
If you were being spanked, you had to pull down your pants
in front of the whole class! Girls were swatted with a ruler,
while boys had to, when they were in trouble,
go and get a willow branch. But, sometimes the
boys would carry around pocket knifes,
and would whittle a small hole in the
branch so it would break when they
were swatted.

This is reading time, Ella is reading out loud.
We read from the McGuffy's 3rd Reader,
and we were reading about birds.

I hope you enjoyed my tour.
I look forward to see you again,
Bye! ;)



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what a wonderful trip back in time.

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