27 February 2009

Book Winner: Amy

Congratulations to Amy!
You won the free copy of Leading Women Who Wound.

From reading everyone's comments, this is a very timely book. Many of you are entering into ministry, in the midst of a conflict (be it large or small), or can think back on a time when a conflict was not resolved well. Some of us can probably think back to a time when we were that wounding woman.

The more I read this book, the more I realize how mysterious and multi-layered the human psyche really is. Women take conflict personally, don't we? (In very broad strokes) if a friend criticizes a decision we've made, our tendency is to view that as a criticism of our entire being: our marriage, our fashion sense, our parenting skills, our political views, the kind of car we drive, our intelligence, even our theology. As Kelley and Sue put it, "Your rejections extends to the depths of who I am."

Conflict is not a bad thing. (Eeek! Did I just write that?) It's firstly, unavoidable and secondly, often paves the way for real growth and bonding within ministry relationships. Jesus doesn't want us to be discouraged by conflict and has given us clear instructions about overcoming damaging conflict. He expected stormy seas. So should we.

All of that is to say that I really wish I had free copies of this book to send to each of you. Sue and Kelley have gathered an invaluable resource of insight and experience in their books about women's ministry. Please do yourself and your ministry a favor and invest in this book.*

Amy, send me your mailing address and I'll put your copy of Leading Women Who Wound in the mail ASAP.

* I also highly recommend Sue and Kelley's first book, New Doors in Ministry to Women. This is a foundational book for women's ministry. I've loaned my copy out many times, and put one in the hands of each woman on the leadership board of our church. It's a great book to discuss as a group while you're praying for vision and setting goals for your women's minsitry. And if you've got conflict in your midst, New Doors might provide you insight into aspects of ministry you'd not considered before.

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Blogger Schweers' Mom said...

I have read both books and heartily agree that they are essential reading for any woman in ministry. Very timely information and very well-written. Sue Edwards is a gem and such a lovely woman of God. It's hard to imagine her having any conflict whatsoever in ministry!

5:30 PM  

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