07 November 2006

Shoots, Gourds and Leaves

My husband says he didn't understand much of my last 5 or 6 posts. He tells me that he didn't realize simplicity was such a complicated subject, which is a comment that totally cracks me up.

Sorry Babe, must be the melancholy in me.

What say we switch gears to something easy? Leaves. Falling. From. Trees. Simple enough?

Here's what Autumn has been like in these parts.

Went to a corn maze with the kids and Steve just HAD to flex his testosterone by shooting the pumpkin cannon. Yep, three tries to shoot a gourd out of a high-powered pneumatic cannon and hit your choice of targets...

There's the selection of tierd 50 gallon drums, the retired lawn tractors, the decrepit mini van, or the penultimate victory- the motor boat. Steve and Ellie together managed to nail a pyramid of 50 gallon drums AND knock a bull's eye off of a tractor tire. Not too bad for three shots from 200 yards away!

Our driveway. Downright purdy!
Pretty People Picking Pumpkins

Ellie answers her super-secret Gourd Hotline
"Calling all pumpkin shooters! Report to your battle stations immediately!"


Blogger Erica said...

Love the fall pictures! That pic of the driveway, I knew you could handle my challenge! What do you say that as you fly out here to Dallas, I hop on a plane and fly out to there and play with the girls around all those pretty trees? Deal or no deal? :-)

4:26 PM  
Blogger Kelley said...

I think Erin's going to say "no deal," Erica :)... Erin, loved the pics. John will be jealous of Steve's pumpkin cannon. Nice shot, he is.

Also, had to share: two days ago Nate asked me in all seriousness if Ellie could come play with him one day because he misses her. I kind of had to choke the tears back as I said it wouldn't be happening anytime soon (and resist adding "but her mommy is coming to play with me next weekend!" Which I'm quite excited about, but I didn't think he'd appreciate it.

See you soon!

10:19 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

great pics. and that is a pretty driveway.

11:54 AM  
Blogger gretalynn said...

I just love those eastern fall leaves! Mexico City has some beautiful aspects, but each Fall I sure long for the orange and maroon! :)

3:09 PM  

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