10 October 2006

Meet a Fellow Christian Artist

*Hey all you artist/writer/musician/dancer/creative-types... sit up and take notice!*

Jennifer DeHuff is an artist hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she was a volunteer and intern with the Philadelphia Metro Campus Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ for 6 years, focused exclusively on mentoring and coaching Christian fine arts students. Once she gets her affairs in order, Jen will move to College Park, Maryland, where she’ll join the new Crusade staff team at the University of Maryland in pioneering a new ministry.

As part of her ministry at UM, she aims to help fine art students connect relevant and transcendant themes in life and art to the claims of Jesus Christ, despite the subjectivity and relativism they are surrounded with. These art students in the metro D.C. area will one day influence the world we live in with their creativity. Jen thrives on engaging with art students and wants to help them find an accepting environment for sharing their struggles and asking hard questions. Because God is the ultimate creator, she longs for them to one day value themselves and their talents as His beloved creation.

Jennifer -in the middle-

Can it get any better than that?!


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Thanks for the intro. Awesome ministry.

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