31 August 2006

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Treadmill

- While starting my treadmill routine today I looked up and saw The Price Is Right playing on the "mesmerizer." Wow, I use to LOVE that show when I was a kid. We don't have a mesmerizer at home, so when I'm walking on the treadmill, it sometimes fascinates me to see what's on the air these days. I am, indeed, mesmerized.
Bob Barker looks great for being older than the hills. And, surrounded by his bevy of Barbies, he was happy to award a banana-yellow Corvette convertable to a girl from Alaska. Oh, she was pumped! Now she'll be able to find her car in a blizzard.
The next bidding game featured an antique replica gas pump. "This 1950's era gas pump will be a delightful feature to any afficianado's collection," said Rod Roddenberry. "And that's not all, you're also bidding on Polident Denture Cleaner. For that fresh, clean denture smile."

Ok, it is beyond me what a gas pump and denture cleaner have in common, but hey, the show has been running since before my time, so they ought to know what they're doing. I wonder if we're meant to dump the denture cleaner in the holding tank for easy dispensing. Can't you just see that? "Park yer walker over here by mah "Dog-On Good" gas pump and let's git them dentures clean, Grandma. Put on this tarp and open wide, it'll jest take a jif." Something like that might be useful in a nursing home.
The next lot up for bid was an at-home batting cage and a box of kitty flea collars.
This is how I whiled away a good 15 - 20 minutes on the treadmill. Thanks, Bob and company.

- I just love athletic clothing! Steve gave me a gym membership for my birthday so I'm getting back into the swing of things. Of course, I can't very well show up for my date with Fitness in bleach-spotted, paint-splattered, bum-around-the-house clothes. So I trekked over to a local athletic store and picked out a few tops and shorts. Looking at all the different attire for all the different muscle-pumping activity is just plain inspiring. I felt healthier just standing there. They've got these great big posters of buff and slender people all greased up and running somewhere at full tilt. Or smiling and chatting as they wait for their fourth to sink his putt.
Or looking determined to leg press the weight equivalent to that of a small elephant. I want to be like that. I believe I once was somewhat like that. Long ago when I could eat ice cream for every meal.

also bought myself a new pair of running shoes. Despite not being a runner, I really find that they are the most comfortable shoes. So squishy and bouncy. I boing all over the place for the first few months in them and I absolutely love it. Feels good to my back, feels good to my feet. I sometimes clean the house in workout clothes, and it's amazing how I just want to clean and scrub and boing around with a toilet brush. Fitness clothing makes me feel healthier.

- Mary DeMuth recently posted a great video on her blog that features four guys (the bright red pants clued me in that they are probably Brits) doing this crazy dance routine on treadmills. They lined up 8 treadmills in alternating directions and made up an entire dance routine on them. It is so fun to watch! Ellie watched it with me, and so today on the way to the gym I wove a great yarn about how I had to get to my treadmill dance team practice. We are honing our dance for the world competition and I really need to work on the flip-over-the-handle, slide-under-my-partners-legs bit because we keep crashing into each other.
My kids were like, "No way, Mom! Do you really do that when we're playing in the childcare room? Do people
really flip all over the treadmills? No way, that's too dangerous, you'd never do that. Would you?" (Confidentially, no I wouldn't. Unless it was on accident.) I fessed up and told them I was going for a regular old fat-burning walk, but it strikes me that if a British guy in red slacks can do it, surely a Mom in her brand new fitness wear can do it too. Right?

- And after all was said, done, and thought, I plugged in my iPod, cranked up Chris Tomlin and got down to business. "Your Grace is Enough" is a great song to walk to! It's got rhythm, and a funky "thunka-whumpa-thunka-whumpa" bridge. I just love walking to that song, and I have to restrain myself from raising my hands and crying as I walk and worship. Perhaps I really
ought to join a treadmill dance team, and just quit trying to fight the urge.

Do you ever come up with a fantastic blog topic and then re-think it a few days later, only to realize it was no, not fantastic, but goofy?
Too late... I'm pressing "Publish Post."


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My niece was born to the sounds of "Come on down!" It's my sister's favorite show. She had an epidoral, and my mom and I kept forgetting to tell her to push when we were supposed to because we were into Bob Barker's newest giveaway. Oops. The nurse occassionally peeked in to kindly remind us of our job.

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