13 September 2006

Cyber Apples to Apples

Enough school work! I'm ready for a break. The kids are cooling their brains with a movie and I'm taking some alone time.

I enjoy playing group games that get the crowd bantering and laughing. One game I've come to really enjoy in the last year is, Apples to Apples. It's such a fun way to think outside the box AND mess around with words at the same time. So, here's my cyber version of Apples to Apples.

The rules are simple:

1) You choose one green apple from this list. (Don't sit read them all, just pick already!)

2) I will select 8 random red apples from this list. (Using my handy-dandy word verification code as a guide- ykhbjcju.)

3) You decide which of my red apples best fits with your green apple.

As the judge, you don't have to explain why you think Meryl Streep - 1959-, accomplished American actor, two-time Oscar winner, with over a dozen Academy Award nominations is the embodiment of Rough - (scratchy, uneven, jagged). But I sure would like to hear what makes you think so, you crazy person.

Ok, wanna play? Get yourself one green apple.

Here are my red apples.
Choose your favorite match:
  • Yellowstone Park - Home to 3000 geysers and hot springs. More gas and hot air than Washington, D.C.
  • Killer Whales - Black and white predatory whales. Boy, can they sing!
  • HMOs - Heath Maintenance Organizations. Here's to your health ...
  • Bagpipes - A shrill-toned musical instrument consisting of a leather bag and pipes. Also available in plaid.
  • Jamaica - Third largest island of the Greater Antilles, south of Cuba. Tropical climate, reggae music, and jerk cooking.
  • Chickens - From incubator to rotisserie in 56 days! Run, chicken, run!
  • John Travolta - 1954 - , American actor of "Welcome Back, Kotter," "Grease," "Saturday Night Fever" and "Pulp Fiction." That man can dance!
  • United Nations - The U.N. was founded in 1945, after World War II ended. Its mission is to maintain world peace. If we ever achieve it, that is ...

I can already hear your cyberbanter and laughter around the cybercircle.

*If you have never played this game with a group of living, breathing humans, I highly recommend it. Get thee to a game store!


Blogger Heather said...

I love that game. Laughed so hard I thought I would pee myself!
Okay, for the example green apple, rough, I'm gonna have to go with HMOs. For my green apple, which was the first word on the list, absurd, I'm picking UN (influenced by my husband).

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

I picked green apple "visionary." For that, I'm going to go with red apple Yellowstone Park. With all the pillaging (did I spell that correctly??) and plundering of the land going on in that time, it was visionary for someone to convince congress to make a wildlife preserve. Of course, from what I hear that someone sorta lied about the land and told them it was uninhabitable. Maybe that was visionary too...

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Erica said...

Okay, if I did this right...for my green apple, I chose "clueless". For the red apple, I chose "Chickens", because they run like clueless animals all over the place. LOL!

12:40 AM  
Blogger gretalynn said...

My green apple--radiant. The match? JOHN TRAVOLTA. Ok, ok, so he's gotten a little wacky in his older years, but he was the first poster I hung on my wall when I was about 7 years old. (It came free in "Dynamite" magazine.) Anyway, he has a great smile, even if he is abit odd! LOL!

9:09 PM  
Blogger rhon said...

My green apple was ridiculous. This is definitely the United Nations. If they're going to maintain world peace, they might start by not swindling money, supporting terrorists, and pulling out of countries right when they need their help.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

Joining my own game here, because, frankly, by now I can't remember what my red apples were.

I chose "mystical" for a green apple, and the red apple match is... bagpipes.

They make that wonderful, drawn-out breathing sound that is in high demand for funerals and other such melancholy and fog-inhabited events. Ach, reminds may o' t'e Scottish highlan's, lads an' lasses.
Also mystical, at least to me, is how to play the dang thing!

9:14 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

My g.a--delicious :). And the match, John Travolta. Giggles. HMO and UN just didn't seem to fit. Yeah, yeah, "chicken" did, but waaaaaaaayyyyy to ordinary. Me thinks I might have to invest in this little game of yours.

THANKS for visiting Pensieve; glad Heather hooked us up. I'll be back!

3:25 PM  
Blogger Abby said...

Aye, yoov remeyended me of da gloriousness of bagpipes, end for dat I tank ye. Yoor a good lass. Touy touy touy.

9:39 AM  

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