02 July 2008

Because I Feel Like Something Green Today

Blue and Black Salvia- the hummingbirds love this and so do I.

-Butterfly Garden 2006-
Completely empty of plants, but full of potential

-Butterfly Garden 2008-
Lilac, hollyhock, butterfly bush, bee balm, sedum, lavender, chrysanthemum, phlox
And lots of bees and butterflies

-Vegetable garden 2006-
Cardboard boxes and topsoil
Shrimpy basil and high hopes for a lush future

-Vegetable Garden 2008-
Welcome lush future!
Corn, green beans, summer squash, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, peas, watermelon, strawberries, cucumber, grapes, sunflower, cosmos, zinnia, lupines... and shrimpy basil.



Anonymous heather said...

This makes me want to cheer.

10:50 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

I wandered over from Christianne's place...and your garden is so encouraging. Maybe someday I'll have one, too!

11:56 AM  
Blogger Paula said...

Gorgeous, soothing salvia.

Just wanted you to know that I finally bought some Prang watercolor pencils, on sale at the homeschool convention, for $4! Sadly, I haven't touched them yet. Emma is having a ball with them. Thanks for thinking of me though.

I'm done with composting for now. My big tub is still full of "stuff" after 6 months. No nice new dirt yet.:) Also, I'm still picking newspaper out of the garden. Maybe it is too dry here or I need your grass clippings!
Your garden and yard look like a place I'd like to spend hours.

Love you,

5:40 PM  
Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

Green here too. (With envy, my dear. What gardens you have!)

9:17 PM  
Blogger rhon said...

You must have gotten my green thumb b/c I have none! Thanks for sharing; I'm a professional admirer.

4:53 PM  

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