27 February 2007

Blogging Fast

I've not been using this here Compose box for quite a while. Life around our house has been B.U.S.Y. I assure you, I'm not dead. (If you wondered. If you cared.)

My blogging fast has been unintentional, and yet I'm struck by the sense of guilt I have that I'm not putting fresh material out there.

For WHO?!

I'm so thankful for anyone and everyone who lingers here to read and comment, and also for those who zap me an e-mail when I don't post for a long time, just to say you miss me. It's like lounging in a sunny window on a Sunday afternoon-- warm fuzzies galore. I didn't start blogging with a commitment to post updates everyday or even every week. My commitment was to write and post according to the rhythms of our life around here, and according to whether or not I actually have anything TO SAY. (I do recall that once, I told the cyberworld that I sharpened 48 colored pencils... and that my favorite color of all of them was Eggplant. I'm sure it totally rocked your world. Shifted all your paradigms. Made you rethink your purpose on this planet and all that. Colored pencils can do that to a person.) (And I also recall that that post was written because I felt so lame about not posting an entry for such a long time. See what happens when I post just to post? We end up talking about pencil sharpeners.)

Though I've been (unintentionally) fasting from writing to my blog, I've still been reading blogs. Here's one I read today-- Death of a Blogger. This post makes me laugh, cringe, hide my head, laugh some more, and eventually beckons me to look down and see if the ol' umbilical cord has taken on the shape of a computer power supply. I might, just might, be assimilating into the Borg hive. Or is that the Blog hive? ;)

More thoughts on purposeful, intentional fasting coming soon. Unless you'd prefer to talk about pencil sharpeners...


Blogger Christianne said...


I've missed you. As my e-mail already stated. :)

I bet you made eggplant-colored pencils sound fascinating. I wasn't around when you did that, but I'm sure I would have commented that you are, as usual, quite hilarious.

I get your vibe about posting-just-to-post. I hate that creeping guilt that covers my neck and shoulders when my last post is moving toward three days old or longer. (Like right now.) It's hard when life is so demanding. Besides, who wants to cop out on real life just to compose a blog post, which is somewhat static (except for the comments it inspires)?

Anyway, I'm glad for new thoughts here. I always enjoy yours. And you can entertain me with colored pencils any old day.

7:55 PM  
Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

can't wait to read about the fasting... I'm sharpening my note-taking pencils right now!

9:45 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Yay! I do care. I would care if you dropped dead.
You never know what spurs entirely new worldviews.

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Lance said...

Welcome back, and thanks for leaving comments while "fasting."

2:19 PM  

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